How to choose the right Human Management Software

Choosing the right Human Management Software for your organization can be a painstaking process because you need to consider several factors that will actually help you. With having the correct software, it will automate and accelerate your current process by eliminating manual works, keeping company’s vision and mission on track, less human error, and more importantly improve productivity of your employees.

From this blog, we will go over facts and tips to consider while deciding the correct HR software.

  • Define the needs and issues of your organization
  • Shop around for available HR Software within your budget
  • Request a demo for all vendors
  • Fully use the software within that trial period to see if it benefits your organization
  • Narrow down the option based on how easy it is to integrate and implement
  • Check the credibility of the company
  • Go live

The first step of knowing the needs and issues of your organization is the most important step in the process. We need to know what is the root cause and find the solution to fix it. It is also essential to have a discussion with upper management and HR department to come up with an order of priority. Doing this will help eliminating vendors that will not fix the main issue.

Always keep an eye on your budget when shopping for vendors. Some companies also charge implementation fee, maintenance fee, and updates fee on top of the monthly subscription fee. This can be expensive in the long run. As a result, we have to know the true cost of the software. Synergo has no hidden fees, everything is monthly with a pay as you grow concept. This will help company scale and do adjustments as they hire more employees.

Requesting demo from different vendors is good so we get an overview of the market and what they offer. Once product demo and presentation is done, we come to the second phase which is free trial. This is the phase where we really have to put effort in determining if the product will be helpful or not. One of the most common issues is organization take free trials for granted. Without using the product, we will never know how we will benefit from the product or if there are issues related to it.

So we like the product after the trial and feel like it will benefit the organization, so what’s next? Sometimes things look easier than it actually is. Implementation is the hardest part when purchasing or migrating from an existing system to a new system. Imagine having data for the last 15 years and we have to redo everything including data input, this will take months even years before we can have the system up and running. In addition, integration also plays a key role on how smooth the transition will be. Synergo makes it easy to integrate and migrate existing data. There are several ways to do it: in app, or our support team will assist you and make sure the new system is up and running under a month. Client experience is crucial and Synergo makes sure it is done right!

It is also helpful to check the credibility of the company. We need to prepare for the worst case scenario, what if the company will no longer be around in the next 2-5 years. This will mean that all of our efforts and time which is essentially the biggest investment is meaningless. Hopefully this blog will help you decide and know how to prepare on choosing the best human resources performance management software that will benefit your organization.

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How to choose the right Human Management Software
This article will help you decide and know how to prepare on choosing the best human resources performance management software that will benefit your organization.
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