The Synergo Workforce Management Platform

Motivate Employees and Inspire Productivity.

Move beyond painful performance management processes and rethink the way you inspire great work, motivate employees, and deliver results. With Synergo, organizations finally have the performance management technology that enables managers to benchmark employee performance and align employee activities with organizational strategy while still providing continuous, meaningful feedback.

Key Features

Performance Reviews & Goal Tracking

Foster a more agile, aligned & productive workforce and gain insight into employee performance. Empower employees to set meaningful goals and easily track progress and achievement of those goals.

360° Feedback

Get a more complete picture of your talents by gathering feedback from people who interact with the individual on a daily basis.

Reporting & Analytics

Increase your business productivity by providing managers with tools to recognize high performers and close skill gaps.

Benefits of Synergo

Continuously ensure goal alignment, employee development and drive business velocity.

Fast & Affordable Implementation

  • Cloud-Based Software - Easily accessible from everywhere; no server costs
  • Pay As You Grow - SaaS based, easily scalable, Low implementation costs
  • Quick Setup - Get setup and running in less than 3 hours

Performance Reviews – Made Easy.

  • Implement a structured performance review process and encourage performance review completion with simple, visual reviews accessible from anywhere
  • Review based on real time data & peer feedback, automatically generate & store performance review reports

Drive Results Through Goal Tracking & Alignment.

  • Provide the goal-setting tools your employees need to ensure they have clear, measurable, and meaningful goals that align to the overall business strategy.
  • Easily track goal progress and identify when goals are off track or need to be adapted to changing business initiatives.

Gain Key Insights In Minutes.

  • User Friendly - See all of your HR and talent metrics in a single place through an easy-to-share, intuitive tool.
  • Meaningful Insights - Allow your organization to holistically translate raw data across divisions & locations into meaningful actions.

Synergo is the way to go.

Join the winning teams that maximize their potential with Synergo & schedule your free demo today.