Sygo Workforce Management – Set Competencies and Review Cycle Process

In the workplace, an evaluation is a tool employers use to review the performance of an employee.

Usually, the employee’s supervisor (and frequently, a more senior manager) is responsible for evaluating the employee. A private conference is often scheduled to discuss the evaluation.

The process of an evaluation may include an assessment to discuss personally about strengths and weaknesses in key areas, alignment and expected employee goals that met, and sharing of feedback by a worker’s fellow employees and supervisors.

The frequency of an evaluation, and policies concerning them, varies widely from workplace to workplace. Sometimes, it will be given to a new employee after a probationary period lapses, after which they may be conducted on a regular basis (such as every year).

To do these things can take quite a long time, especially when there’s a lot of employees to be review. From collecting data, to compile and creating report for more accurate and transparent assessment.

In Synergo Workforce Management (Sygo Workforce Management), you can set your company’s 360 Feedback online. No more collecting data, compiling so many excel sheets, and so on. Our review platform will provide your employees to do their own self-review, and you can also give them your feedback.

Reviewing from their goals, core and functional competencies as easy as taking a survey on websites. When you are done setting up your company and employee’s goals, it is time to set core competencies and review cycle process.

Start by clicking performance module in our platform and go to competencies menu:

Sygo - Performance Module in Our PlatformSygo - Performance Module in Our Platform

Click “Create New”, Choose “Competency Type” and fill in the required fields. To make it easier, you can “Import Competencies” to our Synergo Workforce Management Platform.

There are two types of competency:

  • Core: Firm-wide/general competency, e.g. Integrity, Attention to Detail
  • Functional: role-specific competency, e.g. Customer Service, Closing Skills

Sygo - Click “Create New”, Choose “Competency Type

Now it is time to set up questions for every review that provided.

  • Click “Create Question” and fill in the required fields. Questions are used as an explanation of competency
  • Click “√ Save Question”
  • Click “√ Save Competency”

Sygo - Workforce Management

Synergo Workforce Management will provide you with core and functional competencies if your company haven’t manage to set one. We have around 5000+ datas of competencies ti be implement on each of every role that you have for your employees.

Now that we already set goals, and competencies. The next step is to create and set review cycle as well as scoring for the assessment.

You can start again in “performance module” at our Synergo Workforce Management platform, and go to “schedule review cycle” menu.

  • Click “Create New” and fill in the required fields
  • Choose the review cycle period: Monthly, Quarterly, Trimester, Half Year, Yearly
  • Fill the amount of “Self Assessment& Manager Review”
  • Choose time period: Days, Weeks
  • “Repeat” is for automatic generate
  • “Default” is to repeat the last review to the next cycle review automatically
  • Click “Create”

Synergo - Workforce Management Platform

Synergo Workforce Management Platform will provide you with flexible review cycle. Whether it’s done for every monthly, quarterly, or even yearly. All scoring will be provided by our Workforce Management Platform, from goals to competencies that provided also by 360 feedback process that we have.

If you have more questions, you can go to our website at or contact our sales team at [email protected]!

Sygo Workforce Management - Set Competencies and Review Cycle Process
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Sygo Workforce Management - Set Competencies and Review Cycle Process
In Synergo Workforce Management (Sygo Workforce Management), you can set your company’s 360 Feedback online.
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